Thomas’s christening

It’s Thomas’s Christening on Sunday, and the family are coming. It’ll be the first time in 7 years we’ve got both sides of our respective families together, and that in itself’s quite exciting. But heaven knows how they’ll all fit into our little house! With luck Richard will get some digital pics up on his site next week.

I’m told that the whole point of a blog is to link to pages of interest, so can I refer you to Oliver Postgate’s recent reflections on the state of children’s television. Words of wisdom indeed … given the flood of rubbish that currently passes for kids’ tv, I fear Thomas will be living off videos (particularly of Postgate and Firmin’s stuff) for years to come. He’s already into Doctor Who, or at least the opening titles, which hold him captivated! A little Who fan in the making, poor sod …

Mark and Laura came round last week with their two little ones, and four-year-old Isabella was transfixed by my talking Dalek on the sideboard. I don’t think her mother was too impressed that she knows all the catchphrases. I’m sure that Thomas’s first word will be Exterminate …

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