Trains and festivals

Right, Richard’s given me a shiny new installation of WordPress and I suppose I really should do something with it. So …

What did we do last week? Well, we went for a ride on a steam train, and we took the boys to their very first festival. (Sort of … Thomas can’t actually remember his real first festival, it was a long time ago.)

We drive past the Rainsbrook Valley Railway every week, and William always waves to the trains, even though they’re away in the engine shed. So it was only fair we finally took him for a ride.

Barby preschool and playgroup hire the railway for a private session every summer, and this year William was old enough to come to. He really rather enjoyed it – and we must go back again some time with Thomas.

And the Godiva festival in Coventry … this is us dancing along to Martin Fry of ABC. Jolly good it was too. I think Thomas and William have a future ahead of them in festival-going …

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