History of St Faith’s Church, Kilsby

Kilsby's church was originally founded in the early 1100s as a daughter chapel of the neighbouring parish of Barby. The two villages still share a priest to this day, and there are close links between the churches in the two communities.

The church is now dedicated to St Faith, but had an earlier dedication to St Andrew (as revealed by wills dating from the c15th/c16th) and perhaps an even earlier one to St Denys (c12th).

A spiral-bound booklet is available documenting one thousand years of history of the church and chapel in Kilsby: 'A History of the Church in Kilsby', (c) Gren Hatton 2004, 38 pages, illustrated

Details, dates and dimensions; the story of medieval catholicism, Puritanism, and the early non-conformist Independent chapel; parish registers, incumbents, the chantry chapel, the fire in the bell tower, Georgian splendour and 19th century renovation ... and much more. It's all here, in accessible and readable form.

Copies of the booklet are available (price £3 + p&p) from the churchwardens.

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